Hotel Booking Management System (HBMS)

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Booking a Hotel Room for Your Trip Had Never Been This Easy Before


Travel and tourism is a booming industry vertical today. Technology has connected cities and destinations across different countries and brought them closer. The number of people traveling across different places has increased. Now, whether on a business trip or vacationing with family, everybody needs a place to stay and unwind. But it can be a pain in the neck sometimes to get information about hotels that suit to your budget and then make bookings done.


Our client, Mr Ozan Erhan from Turkey, is the owner of a company called Otelix Travel Products. Being an ambitious entrepreneur, he nurtured the idea of developing a solution that would ease the hardship of finding and booking hotel rooms in different cities. He wanted to bring the activity of checking availability and tariff and making the reservations available at front-end for the users.


Mr Erhan had a clear vision about parameters and abilities of the solution. He was looking for a solution that effectively managed the checking of availability and booking of hotel rooms by the users. He aimed to transfer these activities from backend to frontend and intended to offer total control of choosing the hotel to users. He wanted a solution to have following attributes:

  • The solution should act as a database of hotels in different cities of different countries.
  • The solution should enable users to search through the list of hotels in a city and check their availability.
  • The solution should provide details about tariffs, facilities that are offered by a particular hotel coupled with images.
  • The solution should integrate payment gateways to enable payment by the users.
  • The solution should provide the users details about famous fairs and festivals held in different cities of the world and check availability during these times.
  • The solution should allow the client to list popular hotels for each city.
  • The solution should have better search engine optimization.

The Solution

Radix team enjoyed this project at every bit. We thoroughly studied the requirements of our client and what he was looking for. We analyzed the business relevance of each and every requirement and ultimately delivered a solution that satisfied him. We designed the website Travelsup to gather data via XML source from various suppliers and generate a unified database locally. The data synchronization module updates the information by getting new information and replacing the old one.

A public web interface imparts ease of use and pleasant user experience. The website has its backend linked up with a Destination Management Company (DMC). All the reservations made on the website get booked with a DMC. A search made by the user is received by the solution and thereby real-time data is collected by it from the suppliers on the backend via DMC. This information is then presented to the user who selects a hotel and makes the booking. This booking request gets sent to the particular supplier who confirms the booking. The website then sends out a booking confirmation via mail, fax and SMS to the user. The user can make online payment for the booking.

The solution allows users to view the facilities provided by the hotels, tariffs along with images of the place. Details of fairs and exhibitions held in different cities are also provided by the solution. Travelsup is affiliated with other systems to collect and provide information.


Star Features of the Solution

Some of the star features of the solution can be listed as follows:

  • Suppliers’ integration for hotel database and live rates
  • Booking and commissioning engine
  • User account management
  • Integration with affiliates for marketing
  • Duplicate hotel comparison module
  • Exporting and importing of data in XML and CSV format
  • Real time weather information
  • Back office administration
  • Booking intimation to customers through fax, email and SMS
  • Suitable payment gateway integration as per the norms of different countries
  • Promotion of hot deals management
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Google Maps
  • SEO friendly

A Grand Finish

What we achieved together with Mr Erhan in the form of Travelsup has been truly amazing and enjoyable. Travelsup is a robust solution that Mr Erhan considers capable of fulfilling his dream of expanding his business of travel products on a global level.