Hire Offshore Dedicated Developers


At Radix India, we assure you to get skilled certified world-class software developers . Developers are trained to work for you at the same work hours. Whether you need one or more resource(s) for support to your ongoing development team growth, R&D, Product development, system maintenance and enhancement, we provide proficient, managed, technical professionals at a substantial savings.

The Staff-based ODC model doesn’t do miracles, but it does turn a number of outsourcing disadvantages into advantages. It secures your tight control over the entire process and makes it possible to increase the quality of work while decreasing the amount of time and effort. Thanks to the recruitment conditions and process control provided by this model, shift overlapping and, moreover, round-the-clock programming become feasible.

Our Offshore Developers or Dedicated Team (ODT) is proven business model for mid sized project outsourcing. In today’s ever changing business environment it is nearly impossible for any business to predict its process and requirements to make building software solutions to support business system. It is found difficult at several instances to follow traditional Software Development Life Cycle like Requirement Gathering, Project Planning, Development, Testing & QC. Radix offers industry proven solution to this scenario where companies can Hire Dedicated Developers with flexible business terms to work on Development, Maintenance, Q. C. and Documentation. ODT (Offshore Development Team) is a well integrated group of computer professionals who work for you on fixed monthly fee in an Offshore Development Model. All offshore technical infrastructure and communication facilities are at your disposal for an extended period of time.

Dedicated Developers or Offshore Dedicated Team facility is an extension of your own engineering / development team. Through such dedicated facilities, we offer the best skill sets, resources and flexibility, time-to-market and protected Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) . All rights of the IPR in this model belongs to the clients. The Dedicated Facility is a cost effective solution, If you require on going continuous offshore support. For such dedicated relationships, we also implement customer specific quality and development process frameworks and small group of engineers are trained for your specific needs.

In this model, dedicated developers work is transparent to you and gives you full control over the offshore human and technical resources. Dedicated Team in a nutshell delivers overall higher efficiency and quality at lower rates.

ODT is the best solution, if you are involved in ongoing development, continuous maintenance or support projects. It works like an extension of your in-house IT development/support team.

Infrastructure Offered

  • Dual Core Machines
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Redundant Internet Connectivity with Lease Line
  • Local Linux Server for Development
  • Proper Backup Plan for Data
  • Free Network Administartion and System Maintance support
  • Remote Linux Server for Client Testing ( No need to by hosting for standard needs)
  • SVN Code Versioning
  • Anti virus& Backups
  • Direct Communication with Developers

Major Advantages of ODT

  • 40% to 60% cost savings compared to onsite teams and traditional outsourcing
  • Fixed monthly cost, no overhead, no hidden cost
  • Full IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) protection
  • Better control over development process and on offshore development team
  • Low risk – high return

to know more about Dedicated Developers or Retainership Model. Also ask us about your customize need in this Business Model.