Certified Engineers

Extend your network support team to support your organization with certified engineers from Radix.

Radix engineers are highly qualified and professionally trained with years of industry experience backing them up. We ensure that they have access to the leading software applications and necessary tools to maintain, monitor, manage and support your entire information technology infrastructure.

Being a veteran in the field of IT support services online, Radix fully understands the need for effective communication coupled with personal interaction. We leverage our decade long IT outsourcing and offshoring experience to successfully overcome this hurdle and provide you a team that understands you and your needs.

Continuous training on cultural differences, communication styles and a clearly defined communication plan enables our certified engineers to render top quality IT services.

We believe that every organization has a distinct technical and business environment with typical needs. We therefore emphasize on developing service plans that are tailored to meet your objectives and budgets instead of one-size-fits-all kind of offering.

We acknowledge that the primary responsibility of account support rests with your assigned network administrator. Being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, our individuals will be equipped with at least 3 years of experience and certified in one or more areas (MCSE, MCSD, RHCE, CCNA).

Having been extensively trained on soft skills along with technical skills, our certified engineers are responsive and proactive. They offer higher levels of service and are perceived as being more accountable by our customer(s).

Radix constantly endeavors to improve the processes that are used to help the support team to ensure that we provide you the best service at the lowest possible cost.

Our staff is available through various mediums like support tickets, IMs and Emails round the clock. We also employ a fully integrated 24×7 monitoring system with alerts, secure remote access and executive reporting to provide you an uninterrupted service. Our sizable and ongoing investment in tools and applications keeps us abreast, empowers us to be more efficient and enhances our ability to respond and resolve your technical issues in a timely fashion.