Pixtoria – Facebook Application Development

The Client

Client is from USA who carries a vision to connect and entertain people by inspiring and enabling them to share and relive the memorable moments of their lives. The aim of the client was to come up with a beautiful design, pleasing software experience and enable major global brands to engage with their customers through the software experience.


  • Enable the end-user to select photos from Facebook and record voice via a microphone and a phone.
  • A photo with a voice commentary associated with it. One person or multiple people can leave the voice. Photos can be stored in an existing service (like Flickr, Facebook, Picassa, etc) and the user can add the voice through a microphone associated with their computer or by calling a phone number and leaving a message.

The Solution

  • Set up new application on Facebook with the use of FBML (Facebook Markup Language), where users can view and send all the photo´s comment recorded by them.
  • Users can also create new selection and record voice on that selected photos.
  • Users can see all their photo albums of Facebook as well as their friend´s photo albums. The album displays the cover photo, title and number of photos in that album.
  • Users click on an album and see all photos in that album in a thumbnail view (similar to the photos app of Facebook).
  • As users move the mouse on a photo, it displays a small "+" sign on the lower right of the photo. By clicking on that sign, the photo adds on their selection tray. When selection tray is empty, we given link for adding photos on their selection tray.
  • User can also add friend´s album photos on their selection tray from their friend´s photo album.
  • User can re-order the photos by dragging them around in the selection tray.
  • Every photo in the selection tray has a small trash can symbol at the bottom right corner of the photo. If user clicks on one of the photos, the photo is removed from the selection tray.
  • Users will record comment on photos one by one, which is added by users on their selection tray. By default, the first photo is magnified and the other four are shown in a thumbnail view. By clicking on the Record button, the Microphone radio-button is highlighted by default. As she clicks Record, the record button changes to a "Stop" button and a Flash dialog box pops up which asks to choose between "Allow" and "Don´t Allow". On top of the photo, a recording text appears and a slider with number of seconds appears. User starts speaking. At most, user can talk about 60 seconds per photo. When she has done recording, she clicks the Stop button.
  • The recording text on top of the photo changes to "Preview" button. User decides to click on the preview to listen message. When they click "Preview", that button changes to "Re-record".
  • User adds tags, selects a friend from the friend´s selector box posted on their profile, and is published on their feed. All the friends are notified.
  • User can also share his/her comment on photos with their other friends.
  • User can rate on photo´s recorded comment or message.

Major Achievement

  • Integrate voice and rich communication features into the application enabling voice recording