Enterprise Portal Design and Development

At Radix you will find the importance and the value of responsibility which is the key point for the further business development. The need of providing easy accessible interface in a meaningful context to employees, suppliers, partners and customers has necessitated the emergence of enterprise portals. Enterprise portals provide the second generation of intranet technologies offering fundamentals like search, Job opening, information arrangement and news related to the enterprise. In this system you will find better accessibility as per your requirements.

It is obviously important to have online presence for you if you want to have global business expansion similarly it is also necessary to maintain your website in a professional manner. In today’s competitive environment competitions are highly provoking to have some forward steps to make your business successful.

Check out the following features of the website blended with WYSIWYG.

What you see is what you get.

News Management

Poll Management

Job opening Management

Enquiry Management

Custom Feedback Form

Site Administrative Panel


Free one week online training.


Problem identification and resolution support for 6 months

Site Optimization and Promotion

Submission of portal to 30 Top Search Engines. Keyword analysis and website optimization Basic online promotion package.

Website Maintenance

Such a simple content management any one can manage easily ownself

Content Management

  • Edit content and add Link and New Pages
  • Content management system with rich text editor (WYSIWYG).
  • Add information boxes to Left & Right hand side
  • Add pictures
  • Link to other pages
  • Per page Inquiry Link which stores feedback of client in database

Web Design

Creative Design for Home Page + 30 dynamic web pages designed from your inputs (information / brochures / photographs)

Cost of Package – US $ 3500