Portfolio of Embedded System Development

Data Communication

Description: We have developed a small device to carry out multiple processes for our client from USA. It’s a smart device smaller than a credit card but powerful as a computer. The device can host business application, allow voice streaming, transfer data in real-time, and integrate Wi-Fi and LAN network. The device has BSP for 4+ hardware to run Debian Linux and an integrated mic with ALSA driver for audio.

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Application Upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit Vista

Description: We have provided application upgrade facility to a security solutions provider. We migrated their encryption tool that was compatible with Windows 98 and Windows XP platform to make it compatible with the Vista version and 64 bit systems. We have successfully migrated, tested, and deployed the new version on Windows Vista and XP 64 bit systems within strict deadline.

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Content Management System for Windows Mobile

Our client is a leading service provider in area of logistic. For them we have developed an application that enables field of delivery boy to access HTML files on the server directly from a handheld. Client also needs local database to save the data locally in Microsoft® Windows MobileTMand it enables to upload the data to the server with one go.

Tools and Technologies

Embedded Development for Windows, RTOS

C/C++ ,Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ for database engine on Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Description: We have developed an application for our client that allows remote recording and audio and video streaming. The device has host sessions to capture real-time activity and synchronizes the audio-video component at server level for playback of the captured activity. The application also features support for multiple devices and embeds ActiveX control.

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Description: Our client had approached us for developing an HID compatible mouse. We have developed a USB and PS/2 compatible mouse with 5 buttons. We have also developed interface drivers, custom control panel, and utility for the mouse. Our use of C and C++ ensures the integration of necessary language parameters.

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Step Motor Controller

As the client is a leader of developing machinery for chemical industry therefore, Client requires an update to their older crushing machine which consisted of manually adjusted thread laying arms used in the machine.


Micro Controller embedded development

We have developed an application based on a proven legacy design for JK Microsystems Logic Flex single board computer that would communicate over a network to control step motors on each of the thread arms to speed up production and automate the process. We have developed the board-level software and assisted along with the onsite integration. This automated process was then Migrated and installed on a new machine capable of three times the production of the original machine. These small boards can be considered an alternative to expensive industrial PLC controllers and PC based alternatives for system control applications.

Description: We have developed a centrally controlled monitoring system for identifying and recording data breach incidents for a client. The system is a complex web of CCTV cameras, sensors, fire alarm systems, intruder panels, and data gathering panels that work in tandem with each other. The device drivers are programmed in VC++ and feature suitable security guidelines for specific requirements.

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Description: We have developed a high tech security system for one of our clients. The system features RF remote control and auto dialer integration. Since the system has three independent security zones the solution features zone bypass facility. The solution also has auto latching mode with a timer facility. This timer is user programmable from 1 second to 99 seconds. Door monitoring sensors and non-volatile memory make this system high secure.

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Description: This was an in-house project that we undertook to anchor the growth of the company and lend support to the expanding development contours. We customized Debian Linux and developed a system that created real world scenarios for our development team. The system also reduced the load of our network and hardware management team. We have developed the system to feature centralized management and a hassle free setup with anti-virus protection. Read Case Study

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