e-Commerce Website Developed for leasing

The client

Our client Bigring Leasing wanted to develop online store so that their customers can choose bikes of choice and pay monthly lease payments with much easier process. Website was required to have flexible control on duration of term of leasing (12 month or 18 month) with flexible control on rate of interest that could be applied based on local California based residents or from the rest of the USA. Contents of the website was required to be fully managed by the Bigring Leasing website administrator with greater flexibility and website should be the best viewed in leading browsers like Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.


Some of the features were expected in this site:

  • Rich presentation, smoother site navigation, wider browser compatibility.
  • News presentation.
  • Testimonial presentation.
  • Partner Links presentation.
  • Online selection of bike and installment calculation process in flexible way.
  • Lease calculator, agreement to lease, saving lease agreement to agree for later.
  • Setting up the directory of Bike shop for customer to choose the local shop for delivery.
  • Customer login based account to check the status of payment of each installment.

Some of the features were expected as Site Administrator

  • Content management of each webpage with great flexibility to control the webpage content.
  • News management.
  • Testimonial management.
  • Set up the brand, bike type and model of bike to offer online to customer.
  • Lease Agreement management.
  • Online Installment schedules plan for each lease agreement.
  • Managing the track of payments of each lease agreement and sending the reminders before due payment date.
  • Searching lease agreements / the amount of payments received as per schedule at any time.

The Solution

We developed entire solution based on CMS. Full control on the type of content like single columnar content or dual columnar content, menu with flexibility of ordering of submenu under it, Page heading images for each different page, random flash images on each page with dynamic CSS that change the look of color and presentation of each page.

Customers can choose the brand, bike type and the model available in variety of size and color and choose the local shop to get it delivered on agreeing to the installments on the basis of chosen terms and applicable rate of interest. The complete experience of making the lease agreement and submission of lease order developed in very user friendly wizard type navigational steps.

The lease orders can be allowed to get submitted only after the user registration process so that status of each installment schedule can be availed to the customer from their registered account on the site.

Detail back office management. Back office includes Content management, Brand set up, bike type set up, bike model set up, lease agreements management, payment schedules report of each lease agreement, track/manage payment as per payment schedule, search among lease agreements, search among due and received payments, news management, testimonial management, Bike shop directory set up, partners link management.

The Result

The result was very much profitable in this regards. Full project was commenced starting from requirement analysis till the site went live and back office functionality was developed offshore at our premises in India.

Major Achievement

  • Design & presentation challenges on each webpage managed by CMS.
  • Browser Compatibility with Safari (MAC os), Firefox, Internet explorer.
  • Unlimited variety of brands, bike types and model set up to sell online.
  • Easy online procedure for Bike selection and installments calculation along with agreement for leasing the available bike.
  • Managing installments schedules & payment of all lease agreement and managing the track of payment along with notification reminders and alerts nearly before due dates of installments.