Dotnetnuke Development

The internet is the new currency. Everyone wants to belong to it. Everyone aims for making a great fortune out of it. Be it individual goals or corporate aspirations, the information superhighway is the way they will do it. As the first decade of the new millennium comes to an end, the internet too seems to have come a long way.

The online world is evolving rapidly as it continues to feast rampantly on dynamic technology platforms, like Content Management Systems. CMS or WCMS (web content management system) were originally imagined to provider simpler content management and ease of use in managing online data and business activities. However, with the pace of time, they have matured into more sophisticated and feature-rich enterprise and business tools for commerce, communication and collaboration. This is because they offer an array of functional benefits such as performance, usability, accessibility, ease of configuration and customization, scalability and security.

DotNetNuke / DNN has recently emerged a great new contender in the CMS marketplace due to its SEO, E-Commerce and Social Media savvy rich features and the robustness of Microsoft .Net platform. It is a great choice when you wish to ramp up smart web platforms with a breeze and want to imagine hassle-free scalability and flexibility.

To illustrate, DotNetNuke best suits applications such as corporate intranets, extranets, blogs, social media forums and online shopping carts. RADIXWEB helps you get the most out of this dynamic Content Management Application by offering the expertise to develop customized modules and applications in managing various contents channels like text, Images, documents, links, events, news, banner ads, threaded discussion forums, email forms, RSS news feeds and the like.

Unleash the web technology Nukes from DotNetNuke

  • Custom Module Development
  • DotNetNuke Skinning
  • Container Design Development
  • Graphical Design
  • DotNetNuke Web Portal setup and configuration
  • Multi-browser/Standards Compliance Testing
  • Deployment and Ongoing Support
  • Content Management

RADIXWEB can provide you with fully customizable, template based DNN modules / skins; all set to use with standard factory settings; if needed with complete calendar of events, registration module and flawless payment gateway integration. We will make DNN work for you.

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