Real Estate Appraisal Applications and Management for Appraisers

The Client is an astounding solution of Radix providing assorted services that assist appraisers with their office tasks to help them becoming more efficient within their market strategies. It offers services ranging from simple type of reports to full office assistants that handle most office tasks; from entering orders of faxes to making appointments. The appraiser helper database will help you to organize your tasks to be completed, and it will also be a database for the appraisers to utilize the track of its own orders.

The Appraiser Helper also provides a Template Website service where appraiser can manage database.

Challenges – Requirements

We provide the best requirements to take over challenges that may occur in this regards.

Major requirements are:

  • User Profile Management
  • Task Management
  • Order Management
  • Product/Package
  • Bid
  • Appointment and Scheduling
  • Accounting

The Solution

Our solution rightly accomplishes the benefit of the client creating a common platform to carry out maintaining the database on the template website for the appraisers who want to utilize the template website concept. Company can maintain the same for their clients.

Moreover clients of the appraiser and appraiser helper can get the status of the orders in which the company works and they can download the documents which are developed by the company for their clients. The site contains the certain modules like User Profile Management, Task Management, Order Management, Product/Package, Bid, appointment and Scheduling and Accounting etc.

Brief Description of all the modules of the project

User Profile Management

Our solution can provide a standard desktop environment delivering and maintaining for all users ensuring enforced protection from unauthorized changes and an additional level of user personalization.

Users are categorized into Appraiser Helper Administrator, Template Website Administrator, Appraiser Helper Manager, Appraiser Helper Staff, Template Website Staff, and Normal User. All users can access the features of the site according to their role. The basic features of the site are managing and editing User Profiles, Password protection/recovery, ID recovery, Upgrade Membership, Task Status updates, upload the Documents on Allocated Task etc.

Task Management

Task Management covers common features to manage the task and get organize the work flow for the office. It helps out to allocate the task into the office members and get updated on the task status.

Covered Features of Task Management Module:

  • Create New Task
  • Get an instant list of all tasks
  • Balance personal and team workloads
  • Get an instant snapshot of individual and overall task progress
  • Improve office productivity
  • Reduce staff/team management time
  • Monitor task work-trends and statistics

Order Management

Administrator can manage orders as per the requirements of the client, and designed the workflow and create task to workout on orders with the staff members. Therefore, orders can work on the Type of Reports, Enter of Orders, Appointment and Scheduling, Research of Reports, Updating appraiser client in a systematic way.

However, staff of the appraiser and appraiser helper can work on the same orders and rightly update the order status and upload the documents of other information related to that order particularly allocated. The clients can see the status and reports for all orders and get keep in touch with appraiser helper to follow up for orders.


The products/package is the item which is defined by the Appraiser Helper for the subscription of any appraisers or normal users. Normal users or appraisers can get subscribed for the services defined by the company and get the benefits, for instance, Template Website, Maintain the data on the , Appointment and Scheduling, Task Management , Maintain staff.


In order to assign orders to Appraiser’s of administrator should create a new Bid of that order assignment. Administrator can send the bid to the selected users or to all users as per appraiser network. Getting replies from appraisers’ administrator can select the winner and allocate the orders.

Appointment and Scheduling

Appointment and Scheduling enable the users of the to manage clients’ appointments, customer’s appointments, personnel appointments and scheduling.

Covered Features of Appointment and Scheduling

  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Staff, Customers, Clients booking appointments online
  • Spend less time on phone scheduling appointments
  • Receive instant notifications on all new appointments by E-mail
  • View appointment and personal events calendar


Accounting modules cover reports for the online and offline transactions. The Administration can generate the different data with range wise reports or online payments transactions and offline transitions for yearly or monthly basis.

Value Addition

  • Cutting-Edge – ASP.Net AJAX 1.0: For creating more pleasant user experience and the "trendy" design style, this feature makes a site easier to navigate and read. Available for and compatible with most Web browsers (i.e. Mozilla, Firefox, Safari), allowing the modification of a part of a page without refreshing the whole page.
  • Testing Environment: Test the quick update at regular intervals at the time of Development Life Cycle before final Deployment.
  • CSS 2.0: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are collections of formatting rules, which control the appearance of the content in a Web page. With CSS styles, you have great flexibility and control of the exact page appearance from precise positioning of the layout to specific fonts and styles.

Major Achievement

  • User Profile Management
  • Task Management
  • Order Management
  • Product/Package
  • Bid
  • Appointment and Scheduling
  • Accounting