Accustomed to Major OS

Developing device drivers for a highly integrated microcontroller can be daunting, partly due to the sheer complexity of the device and other difficulties. Radix owns 20+ years of experience in software development, advanced production design, and research.

Holding sheer expertise & experience developing drivers for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Using Kernel level programming, we develop high-tech device drivers for embedded solutions. The technology allows us to make low-level hardware drivers for small devices based on Linux, Android, iOS, Win CE embedded platforms.

Some of these drivers have been used for interfacing peripherals like Mouse, Network Connectivity, Camera, Pointing Device, Keyboard, Display, Audio Devices, Motor Controllers, Storage, Touch Controllers and PCMCIA cards.


Drivers Programming, Integration and Development

Unmatched expertise and extensive understanding in building next generation drivers using complex architecture of Android, iOS, Mac and Win CE embedded Operating systems. Offering driver development for Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, 8 & 8.1. and Windows 10.

  • Audio & Multimedia Driver
  • Network Devices and WLAN
  • Communication Driver
  • Linux Device Driver
  • USB Device Driver
  • Storage Driver
  • Printer Driver
  • 64 Bit Driver Migration
  • PCI & PCIe & PCI-X

Custom Device Driver Development

A precise understanding of how drivers supposed to interact with OS or kernel, close collaboration with great companies to develop customize device drivers, mature and innovative team of engineers enable us to offer a seamless interface with a device to run flawlessly without any performance blocks.


Audio and Multimedia Driver

Carving the best of audio and multimedia driver development. Our reckoning force has developed WDM audio drivers and interface support, catching the moon of Linux market. Whooping the advanced Linux sound architecture, deep down we make the most of device support for Linux. Furthermore, we serve exclusive audio application edges for PC, embedded platforms and wearable Audio. – ‘Innovate for Challenges’


Communication Driver

Conjoining far-reach experience with devices like smartphones, laptops, PCs, and custom-made devices. A click away solution under a nest – developing driver solutions for UART, SPI, PCIe, IEEE1394, Bluetooth and Modems. Communication Driver’s development conforms Windows OS, Linux, Windows CE, IOS, Android and Mac. Ensuring driver solutions support Ethernet, Serial, and Special Communication Card interfaces. – ‘Implement to Communicate’


USB Device Driver

Explore the state-of-art USB device driver development for windows XP, Vista 7, 8, 8.1, Win 10, Linux, android, IOS, and Mac. Our engineer’s premium knowledge in kernel-mode drivers, understanding OS in developing and debugging custom drivers. With strict coding guidelines and authenticate quality check, enabling performance without bottlenecks. We support implementation and deployment of device drivers. – ‘Drive to Authenticate’



For embedded applications, we sway the potential of PCI. Profoundly we develop robust and budgeted control panel applications leveraging PCI to improve the communications quality. With the PCIe deployment of the peripheral device, interconnect and chip-to-chip interface, motherboard designs, improving signal integrity by lessening the routing issues. Serving immensely PCI, PCIe, and PCI-X without any compromise. – ‘Power to Technology’


Storage Driver

Ability to deliver class in controller command sets and I/O interfaces include MMC, eMMC, NAND Flash, EEPROM, NVHMCI, SAN, NAS, SSD. Also, our team is highly proficient in interfacing and setting up with various storage file system drivers including but not limited to Cloud storage. In-context with leading OS and embedded platforms, like LINUX and Windows, iOS and Android, our storage drivers feature high performance and authentic capability. – ‘Storage for Voyage’