SQL Query Optimization and Performance Tuning for Website

The Client

Client has large website with huge database and want to optimize code and database for performance. Our client strives to have worked hard to bring success to their customers because it determines their own success. The core business of our client is to provide Database Query Performance Tuning and Optimization for Website and website front-end and back-end programming.


  • Optimize the code and database query for better system performance.
  • Remove repeated code for to reduce code redundancy.
  • Increase execution speed of all pages.

The Solution

We have optimized the Client’s web base system in an easier way with our excellent performance in this field.

In this solution, first we have to find out the code from where optimization is possible in the existing system. In the old existing system database query builder is used here for creating any queries therefore, it takes time to build up query. Moreover, the same methods or codes are repeated many times in the same page so the result of this concern is in low speed of execution. Hence, we had increased the execution speed by optimizing database queries and by creating some methods to fetch the data and make reusability to reduce code redundancy. We use data compression technology to send to the browser which results to improve system performance.

We prefer to hire programmers with strong domain knowledge expertise in addition to several years of professional programming experience. We like result-oriented developers who can solve problems quickly and professionally, love their work and are open to constant self-improvement. Hence, our solutions are very much business oriented and these are well fit for clients’ expectations.

Major Achievement

  • Increase Execution Speed of the system.
  • Website Optimization through optimize database query and script.
  • Optimizing the code of different pages and reduces code redundancy.