Customer Service Management Software in

The Client

Lobby Manager is CSM – Customer Service Manager System by which one can assign the Service Request to the agent. Agent gets the immediate pop-up for his request. Once he/she in-take that request he/she has option for re-assignment as well as close that request.


The client wants the software to maintain the Service Request. It should have the facility to create, assign, Re-assign and Close the Service Requests. The client came to Radixweb with all these requirements.


Radixweb team has made it possible for Admin to create new role based on pre-defined privileges. They will able to perform Create/ Change/ Delete/ View employees. Cross location functionality for the employee assignment and re-assignment. Setup the Management popup time period after which management gets the management popup for pending request. Dynamically define the Visitor name as per his/her company needs like customers, clients, visitors and etc.

Radixweb has provided functionality such as CSM (Customer Service Manager) Software, single step service request workflow, immediate Pop- up at the time of Assignment or Re-Assignment, management popup for the pending request more than certain defined time period, complete calculation for wait time and service time for individual request, database independence architecture, role base implementation, multi level re-assignment and time (Service and Wait) calculation, graphical dashboard visualizing the current available employees and their assigned visitors with status, various types of reports in RDLC format, setup creation using install shield and application is running under more than 25 stations of BMW in USA.


  • Setup using Install shield
  • Setup for Server and Client available
  • Setup for Demo as a trial period once trial period is expired, software would stop functioning
  • Creation of Automated Database
  • Dashboard for Online Status and Employee Management
  • Instant Alert, Force Popup and Management Alert based on Administration Customization
  • Dynamic Role based Implementation