Corporate Company Portal for Alfavalvole


Website for managing site users, site visitors, latest news as well as advertise company products.

Company Description

Alfavalvole specializes in manufacturing different types of steels and alloys.


Radix was expected to provide a solution for maintaining the profile of existing site users as well as the new site users, manage the site visitors, and provide latest news using full configurable pages including images, flash and download links.

The Solution

  • RADIX has configured multilingualism in such a way that the site admin can easily create dynamic content for different languages through Sitefinity.
  • The TOP MENU navigates up to 2nd level child pages.
  • The LEFT MENU navigates up to 4th level child pages.
  • With the help of Sitefinity, Radix addressed all the aspects needed for complete marketing. For example with social media marketing, the solution eased the efforts of publishing, promoting and managing different types of events and news.
  • The solution imports data to maintain already existing User Profile.
  • Sitefinity offers intuitive administration, straightforward tinplating techniques and a variety of tools to ensure pages are optimized for search engines.
  • The Sitefinity interface provides ample options for search engine optimization techniques. From direct management of page names and semantically built navigation controls to page by page meta tag access and straightforward URL rewriting abilities, Radix ensured each page received the level of attention necessary to achieve high page rank in the likes of Google.
  • From Sitefinity, user permission can be set at page level based on the created roles.


Radix has successfully developed a skin and a container according to the layout provided by the client. That also includes the skinning of news module, side panel for news, top menu, left menu and footer menu.