Claim Process Management Application Development


The application provides customers to add claim application and track its progress. Admin login provides options to track claim progress and process applications submitted by customers. Admin can also generate required documents from this application and send them to banks or customers.

Basic Flow

Customers sign up if they are not registered. If users are already registered, they log in to their account and apply for claims. Admin logs in to the application and approves/rejects the application.

Users can wish to receive application via email or post. If users have applied for application form via post, the system generates documents at the time of approval and offers them to admin for save. If users have applied for application via email, they receive documents by email at the time of approval.

If users have not yet registered at the time of application, they receive username and password in the same mail.

Once the application gets approval, the system automatically creates a claim in first stage.

After this, it is possible to track the claim stage by stage. Admin can generate letters if required.

While the claims are processed, admin can edit customer info, user info, or add new user/customer/bank etc.

On completion of the claim, admin can generate an invoice.

When customers log in, they can see the list of claims they need to make payment for.

Users can go to Make Payments page and select PayPal for making payments. The site collects user data for processing by PayPal. Users get acknowledgement for payment. Reference number of the payment is saved in database for future requirement.


  • Application Management
  • Claims Management
  • Customer Management
  • User Management
  • Bank Management
  • Workflow Letters Management
  • Payment Processing by PayPal
  • Messaging from Customer to admin
  • Refer A Friend functionality