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WHQL Testing and Certification

Being MS certified Gold Partner, we test device drivers thoroughly for reliability. With testing drivers through Driver Test Manager System, it is easy to bring forth the flaws of device drivers. The products that successfully clear WHQL testing receive ‘Certified for Windows’ logo that ensures compatibility with the OS.

Radix WHQL Test Lab Functions:

  • Setting up servers and clients for different versions of Operating Systems like Windows XP, Server and Windows VISTA (32bit & 64bit), Windows 8/8.1 (32bit & 64bit), Windows Server (2008 R2 to 2012 R2), etc.
  • Proficient engineering staff – Preparing hardware as per the requirements along with the tests
  • Monitoring tests at all levels – Ensures smooth execution
  • Detailed logs – Documentation, submission, and driver certification test results
  • Support for clean-swap submission process with Microsoft


Fundamental Approach for Windows Hardware Certification

We serve to be one-stop shop for Windows Certification Program for device driver vendors. With implementation of our thorough-bred experience, we offer all-in-all services for testing device drivers for Windows suitability. In case of any technical failure, using our technical excellence, we debug the issue and make it compatible with Microsoft specifications.

  • Assessment: Monitoring each test carefully with our time-tested process helps us to identify reasons behind any kind of failure in analyzing log, preparing documents or reports.
  • Assurance: We create documents, logs and reports with our findings and share details with client. After the issues are fixed, we repeat tests.
  • Success: Ensuring that your passed drivers are updated on Windows Site and you can avail appropriate support from Microsoft



Procure Finest Solution

Right in the very start, our engineers study and analyzes product thoroughly (for example, hardware and driver setup, Hardware details, etc.) It gives us an idea whether our existing environment needs any changes to ensure smooth process or not.

Lab setup includes

    • Servers - HCK 2.1 (For win 7 to 8.1, win 2k8 R2, win 2k12 R2) and HLK- For windows 10
    • Though the storage is done locally in to the hard drive, the use of Live CD provides option for diskless functioning; future network security management plan includes recommendation of removing any local storage devices for developers
    • Updating our servers with latest QFE updates
    • Client/Test pcs that has target testing OS installed in it and also setup new client pc as required
    • Proper n/w setup for communication between server and client pc and access client and server pc

Workforce following proper WHQL testing like:

    • Testing environment setup, before work flow starts
    • Defined folder structure which follows to put testing log, documents, test reports in it
    • Analyze failing log so that failing condition can be identified


The Outcome

Deliverables – Thrive Smooth Process

  • Responsibilities: Complete responsibility of WHQL testing and report generation process- as we submit the logs from the process
  • Certification: Once the testing process is completed, it is the client’s responsibility along with our support to submit report to MS for certification
  • Test Results: We provide results for both 32bit and 64bit Operating System that excludes test for Itanium based systems