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  • Radix is quite spectacular to have the particular Hardware for the solution
  • HID (USB & PS/2) Compatible Mouse (five button)


  • With expert professionals Radix asserts its compatibility provided to develop the solution with necessary language skills
  • C & C++


The Problem

The requirement for the solution has quite different intrinsic and competitive criteria to be fetched the right and feasible way to it.

To develop Universal Serial Bus (USB) and PS/2 interface drivers for a mouse with custom control panel and utility.


The Solution


USB is a new standard for connecting up to 127 devices through one USB port. It can be implemented USB Mouse Class for connecting mouse to PC through USB and PS/2 port. This entire solution will implement Device Driver for connecting mouse to PC through USB or PS/2 along with additional utilities. The USB Realization includes basic USB framework (USB Device Class) and USB Mouse realization (USB HID Class). Customized Mouse Control Panel is used to be implemented for extra button functionality.