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The Problem

  • As a fast growing organization we work on LAMP technology. We require system with various environments to simulate real world scenario
  • Rapid growth in company that reached a team size of 80+ from just 20 in less than a year. The network management of the company and MIS management on hardware and software resources is increasingly loaded
  • Streamline development environment, hassle free setup and centralized management are key requirement
  • Protection from typical virus problems
  • Reduce delay of projects, because of non-functioning of system
  • Integration with Domain Controller for unified authentication
  • Computers with dual OS installed increase load on the memory and is attributing to the reduced performance of the processors, thus warranting higher RAM power for better operations

The Solution

  • Linux based “Live CD” is the obvious option available for the technical departments. The proposed solution read as “Opt for network accessed medium that is of low memory, easy to access and upgrade and furthermore disposable, reusable and transferable without hassles of licensing”
  • We work on LAMP configuration for development and the Linux Live CD provided us with the much need SDK that serve all its needs well
  • The SDK configuration also includes Eclipse IDE with PHP Plug-in, Open Office, Apache, Subversion and is also integrated with the domain controller
  • The Linux Live CD is customized and developed using the “Linux Live Scripts”, the technique used is UnionFS and the customized solution boots from any removable devices such as CD/DVD Drives, USB Drives etc…
  • The hardware detection of peripherals such as network cards, video or audio and graphics cards are done automatically


Value Addition

  • Network based booting of various multiple users has been achieved
  • Though the storage is done locally in to the hard drive, the use of Live CD provides option for diskless functioning; future network security management plan includes recommendation of removing any local storage devices for developers
  • Routine efforts needs at both developers and networking and hardware management staff has reduced providing a psychological ease
  • Secure anti virus enables and it is capable of auto upgrading

Major Achievements

Creation of standardized low cost development environment for our web development division which is easy to mange & implement is thus achieved. The teams of Radix work very smoothly to lessen any troubleshooting occurrence therefore, you must rely on our work deliverance.