IoT based Drug Verification System
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The client is dealing with different pharmaceutical companies and they are working on to stop piracy of medicines.

Medicine manufacturer are printing 1d or 2d QR code or barcode on the wrapper case of each medicine. That Barcode or QR code belongs under specific Batch. So now each medicine is uniquely identified by its serial number + Batch no.

When any customer will purchase any medicine of any company from any medical store, there will be one physical instrument/device, which will scan bar code or QR code and will identify that whether this medicine is original or duplicate.

The Problem


  • Device will scan barcode using camera from wrapper of the medicine and send it to server for checking
  • After receiving status from server Device will display on screen if medicine is duplicate or not
  • It should use low power and use battery efficiently


  • Server which will have database of all the medicines with its barcode
  • It manages device details – Location of device, details of device, etc
  • It verifies the barcode provide by device and sent status to device

The Solution

Having expertise in respective technology, we offered efficient IoT based hardware and software solution. As device is crucial part of this project we started with development of device first.

Device has below hardware specification:

  • ARMv7 based MPU
  • High resolution camera sensor to capture barcode image of medicine
  • GSM/GPRS/3G module to communicate with cloud server
  • Proximity sensor to wake device from sleep mode which can help reduce battery usage
  • Graphic LCD screen to display instructions and verification result message to user

Device has below software specification:

  • Device has its own customized boot loaders and Linux with required drivers to interface with camera, proximity sensor, etc
  • Firmware application to capture images from camera
  • Application uses opencv (compiled for this device) to detect barcode/QR code from captured image and other libraries to extract readable text code from barcode
  • Integration of Eclipse Paho MQTT client for communicating with cloud server

Cloud Server

  • Eclipse Mosquitto broker setup to provide MQTT server for devices to communicate with
  • Provides admin panel to manage companies, users, devices
  • Under each company it provides functionality to manage detail of medicine
  • Provides log/report of barcode scanned for medicine

Major Achievements

Radix developed IoT based solution which allows customers of medical stores to verify identity of drugs they have purchased. This brings trust in the customer towards the medical stores and restricts duplicate products of medicine manufacturing companies.

Since this IoT based device is very compact, user friendly and runs on battery, any medical store can install it with minimal configurations.

Customer just need to follow instructions on screen and show medicine to the device for authenticity of the medicine, such a way customer can use it easily. The reports on cloud server helps to figure out medicine duplication rate based on data received from all IoT devices.