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Client is innovative entrepreneur from United States who carries vision & ideas for smarter technology solutions to transform way people hold meeting, training & education & communication.

Patent pending idea was waiting to realize prototype & seeking more insight on implementation details.

The Problem

Develop smart device smaller then credit card & functional as powerful as computer. Device to host business application which captures input device & voice streaming, ability to transfer data in real time via wi-fi & LAN network.

  • Limitation of hardware & processing capacity
  • No standard hardware available
  • Driver Development for various USB Devices & USB Wifi Dongle
  • Limited time frame to develop prototype from concept


The Solution

Since inception of project challenges & risk were clearly visible. Thanks to our team who were prepared for addressing. It would have been certainly easier if hardware, debian Linux version, and deriver were ready & we had to write application however this wasn´t the case.

Systematic project management, strong technical evolution & rapid development of application helped us to transform idea into possibility & possibility into reality.

Team quickly identified the development boards based on PXA255, AT91SAM9263, OMAP3035 processors as potential end product.

Further we used Linux kernel 2.6 series above the kernel 2.6.18 for udev supports and Debian OS to be ported on device.

Iterative process of testing application & performance against process & kernel was carried out with patient.

Our team used the QEMU emulator to prepare the Debian based filesystem for ARM processor. We optimized device by removed and update the init scripts to fit into small size. We also produces two versions of the files system for two Debian versions etch and lenny. This system writes in JFFS2 for FLASH of board.

The device needs audio out, mic in with ALSA driver for audio optimized for particular bitrates, USB for wifi dongles USB WiFi dongle driver for different WiFi dongles, along with need of LAN interface.

Problem in PXA255 board relating to USB driver was performance issue on ISO/Bulk interface was addressed & by customize USB driver.


Value Addition

  • Optimizing USB driver for WiFi dongle to achieve more than 60% efficiency & meet application needs of project successfully
  • Developed BSP ( Board Support Package) for 4+ hardware to run Debain Linux
  • Porting of multiple version of Debian kernel on ARM Processor 2.6.18, 2.6.20, 2.6.24, 2.6.25, 2.6.26, 2.6.27, 2.6.28 & select best suited version for application


Major Achievements

  • Cost effective hardware platform for prototype saves 50% at least.
  • Bringing clarity for production post prototype improving faster time to market
  • Prototype accepting major USB Wifi Dongle increases compatibility by 90%