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Windows 32Bit to 64bit Windows Vista / WinXP Conversion

The client provides security solutions to the top government agencies in India and across the globe.The application is windows based encryption tool and operation is from Windows 98 – Windows XP. Having expertise in respective technology, we offer services for this right from beginning with assorted technologies and provide the best solution to clients.

The Problem

  • The launch of Windows Vista and XP 64 bit triggered a global need among products and services providers to migrate their application to 64 bit. The client approaches us with specific time range of just one month with precise budget limit
  • The original lead time proposed is 3-4 man-months, however there is no system documentation shared
  • All transactions and communications have to be maintained with the utmost secrecy and the internal team is to be kept unaware of the business implications of such devices

The Solution

We sincerely appreciate our client regarding how they have shown their fervor to visit our company premises for review and know the progress level and ultimately their utmost satisfaction wave here a blow of optimism for the entire project.

Our systems security procedures demonstrate.

  • We adopt BS 7799 inspired standards for information security management systems
  • We have cameras placed at a vital point in our office
  • The server room access is via secure RFID identifier alone and only the top management and main systems administrator has access to the server room
  • Memory devices and mobile phones are prohibited entry in to the office. The management staff never allows mobile usage for carrying sophisticated mobiles that can be used for file transfers, cameras etc…

Being satisfied with the security levels maintained at Radix the client further discusses the communication protocols.

  • Private and secure FTP connections used for files transfer
  • Secured emails exchanges were made and single point of contact was to be maintained
  • Internal communications identified and information disseminated with absolute secrecy maintained in regards with the overall project stakes

Work started with review, after review project estimation was revised and reduced the over all cost by 45% from the original estimates.

Development done in VC++, testing performed by client, any issues and bugs reported were patched and relayed accordingly.

The project delivered on Time.


The Outcome

  • Client satisfied with our approach, consistency and flexible pricing methods, commitment standards continued to use our services for more projects
  • Total of 45% price reduction applied against the original estimatation, the original estimates were based on our understanding of such cases and against no real time data
  • There were no more than 3 instances of bugs or issues reported and less than a week was spent to run beta version after which the application was deemed as being stable
  • The client was able to meet the market demand using the applications that run in Windows Vista and XP 64 bit in time
  • Thus end customers loyalty was retained with the client organization due to their fore-thought and on time arrival with upgraded systems
  • Project was executed by a team of 3 personnel none of whom until date was aware of the whole integrals the projects