Embedded & System Programming Case Studies


IoT Drug Verification System

IoT based solution which allows customers of medical stores to verify identity of drugs

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Device Driver Upgradation Win 7 to 10

Upgradation from windows 7 to 10 (32 & 64 bit) compatible driver for client’s hardware

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32 bit to 64 bit Migration

Delivered a strong proof-of-concept with a module changed their approach to module based migration

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Embedded Device on ARM Processor

Embedded Device (Debain Linux) on ARM Processor for Voice & Data communication

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Embedded Linux: Voice & Data Streaming

Voice & Data Streaming, Remote Recording from Application on Embedded Linux

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System Device Driver Development

Developed Universal Serial Bus (USB) and PS/2 interface drivers for a mouse with custom control panel and utility

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Device Driver Integration

Central Monitoring System Programming in VC++, Device Driver Integration

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Embedded System Development

Using in-depth expertise delivered cutting-edge Embedded System Development for Security System

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Converting 32-bit Into 64-bit

Converting 32-bit Windows Applications Into 64-bit Applications for Windows Vista

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