Online Card Designer Studio (Flex Based)

Print Design Studio

In modern times when the world is going online to purchase products and services why should printing remain a doorstep based service? So at Radix we have developed Online Card Designer (Flex) solution for print service providers.

This Online Card Designer (Flex) is a great way of automating your prepress processes on a web browser and managing a variety of print products. Your customers can use this Online Card Designer (Flex) solution to design Business Cards, Greeting Cards, Post/Promotional Cards, Photobooks, and other types of Print Products. Our Online Card Designer can also help you expand your product line to include merchandize products like t-shirts and coffee mugs. So now you can have a complete print store on a website that supports online designing and order collection and processing.

Ready Design Template

We provide you with 1500+ ready to use design templates for different products. Your customers can select a template of their choice and personalize it in the Online Card Designer (Flex) solution. If they have a design ready with them, they can upload it in your system and place order for the same.

After they are done with designing their business cards, greeting cards and post/promotional cards in the designer studio, your customers can place online order with you. They can clear payment through online payment gateway and have the product delivered to the shipping address of their choice. All of this is possible sitting at home or in office. They don’t need to beat the city traffic or battle pollution to avail your printing service. It’s just a click away!

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Web to Print Workflow

Web to Print Workflow

So what is special about our Flex Based Online Business Card, Greeting Card and Post Card Designer Studio’s Features? Let’s examine.

Benefits for Your Customers

Print Design Template
  • Your customers can create custom designs for their business cards, greeting cards, post/promotional cards, merchandize products like t-shirts, coffee mugs etc.
  • If they have a design readily available with them, they can upload it in your print store system and have it printed.
  • For customers who are not very creative they can select a design from pre-designed templates and personalize it.
  • Since our Flex based design studio has layers, your customers can easily manage their designs with better designing experience.
  • They can have a PDF file preview to proofread and approve the credentials and design.
  • They can place their order online itself.
  • They can clear their payment online through payment gateway.
  • They can specify the shipping address and have the product delivered there.
  • In case of reordering the same design, they can just log in, view all the designs previously ordered by them, and reorder with simple click.
  • They can have their order cost calculated upfront.

Benefits for Your Print Business

  • You can automate and streamline your traditional order collection process.
  • Even small and medium print service providers can compete for orders at global level.
  • Being a web-enabled print store you can market your services on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can have designs pre-approved by customers before actually undertaking the print process.
  • You can track the customers in your system and store their order details.
  • You can track every single order through various processing stages and identify gaps if any.
  • You can provide secure storage for digital assets and intellectual property to your customers.
  • You can expand your product range.

Web to Print Solution Management

We frequently get questioned over manageability and maintenance of an online print store. But the truth is managing the web to print solution developed by us is quite simple. What makes it easy is its modular structure.

We can develop your online print store with following modules:

  • Orders Module: You can use this module to view total orders in your system, track them, and carry out discount coupon program.
  • Customer Module: This module will give you an overview of your clients and their activities.
  • Product Module: You can use this module to add unlimited number of products to your system.
  • Template Module: This is a dynamic template management system which allows you to add new template designs and manage them in your online print store.
  • Content Module: This is your content management system which lets you edit, modify, add, delete, and manage content of your print store. You can thus issue design guidelines, mange contact information, publish FAQs, host banners, etc.
  • SEO Module: You can use this module to set metatags and robots and optimize your website for search engines like Google and improve your business opportunities.

This is just a snapshot of some of the modules of our web to print solution. There is a lot more to be explored. Our Online Card Designer solution can also be customized to include additional features and functionalities. Talk to us and see what else we can develop in website solution for your printing company.