Real Estate Agent website design with MLS Inegration

The Client

Our client is from Palm Coast, Florida, USA and they wanted to have a comprehensive system for real estate agents. Client had sound experience of dealing in real estate properties and they were keen to make system for real estate agents which could work promptly and had been worthy for them.

Our specialty

Our Real Estate websites are designed to be optimized for search engines and to drive traffic into your site. Since most people search for real estate within a certain town or area, we structure your site towards the towns in your coverage area, making real estate listings by town easily found. With the addition of Search Engine Optimization services, your site could be number one on the search engines for your coverage area.


Some of the expected features:

  • Registration of Agents
  • Create sub domain to run agents own virtual site (e.g.
  • Comprehensive Content Management to manage the contents of agents’ sites through main administrator panel and agents’ control panel.
  • Properties Management is to add/edit/delete properties on Agent Sites.
  • Mass mailing tool has features like auto responder, campaign management so agents can run mass mailing campaign through their own virtual agent site.
  • Access rights for registered agents on Mass Mailing Tool and Agent site account.
  • Several useful calculators are like as Mortgage calculator, Loan calculator, Qualifies calculator, PITI (Principal, Interest, and Taxes & Insurance) calculator.
  • FAQ
  • FSBO Properties are on Agent Site.
  • Template management on agent site, so agent can choose the template for their virtual site.
  • Comprehensive Meta Management section in Administrator Panel and Agent Control Panel to manage the meta tags on web pages.

The Solution

We have developed a fully functional system for this client.

Our solution goes to the facilities in this web site like- Agents can register on site and they can have their own virtual site with full function and the site runs on sub domain of main site that can be availed on activation of their account.

Agents have fully functional agent control panel to manage all details of their site. Such as Properties, Feature Properties, FSBO properties, contents of main and sub pages of agent site.

Mass Mailing Tool has been developed and integrated for agent and administrator to run their mass mail campaigns which covers features such as Auto Responder which trigger emails to subscribers on set interval. Campaign management which manages all campaign and trigger emails to targeted subscribers on regular intervals.

Developed Comprehensive Meta management is in main back office system and agent control panel to manage the Meta tags are on each web page for efficient SEO results.

What we can do for Similar Requirements

We can say that we specialize in the design and development of websites for Real Estate Agencies. We have several enhancements to the site that we can add many more facilities into it. We can also set up Real Estate MLS system, recommend an MLS Listings system for the site or work with existing MLS Listings provider to display listings directly on the website to keep your customers focused on you being their real estate agent.

Major Achievement

  • Unlimited Dynamic Agent sites.
  • Comprehensive Administrator Panel to control almost all section of Main site and Agent sites.
  • Comprehensive Agent control panel to manage details of their site.
  • Mass Mailing Tool having feature like Auto Responder and Campaign management for agents.