BlogEngine.NET Services

In recent times, blogs have become one of the most sought after medium for sharing information and experience. Blogs allow users to create two-way communication. They offer an interactive platform to users to voice their own opinions and initiate discussions. They can be used to share knowledge, develop customer relationships, announce product releases, and more.

But developing a blog is not an easy job. One requires an in-depth understanding of complex parameters. At Radix, we have developed several blogs that have enhanced communications and offered a marketing platform. We use BlogEngine.Net to develop blogs that become an important business tool. The ASP.Net platform of BlogEngine makes the blog scalable and robust. We develop blogs with features like comments, posts, video and image hosting, etc.

We can further customize features and extensions in ASP.Net for a blog. We can custom develop commenting features with live preview facility and develop comment moderation using BlogEngine. We can develop and implement custom themes and templates for a blog. And if needed, we can even integrate these custom themes and templates in blog’s master page and user control. We can develop blogs with multi author support and event feature using BlogEngine. We can even develop custom plugins and modules with special features using BlogEngine.

We integrate SQL Server for data support in blogs and use XML file approach for data exchange. Since we are Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we have proven expertise over ASP.Net framework. We use this technical expertise to custom develop controls for a blog.

We can use BlogEngine to develop blogs with special features like:

  • Pingback and trackback for SEO
  • Extensive search function
  • Mono support
  • Self-updating blogroll
  • Extension model
  • Tag cloud
  • Ability to create and edit pages other than blog posts

To know more about blog development services at Radix and BlogEngine.Net, feel free to Contact Us.