Bitrix .NET Forge CMS development

In recent times, ASP.Net has become the base of a lot of popular content management systems. DotNet Forge is one such content management system or CMS that is based on ASP.Net.

At Radix, we develop applications with DotNet Forge as CMS. We develop large scale commercial applications using DotNet Forge. These applications have a standard set of features for better content management. But in addition to this, we can custom develop features that address business requirements.

Our technical understanding of ASP.Net allows us to custom develop features and functions in an applications. We can custom develop modules and plugins in DotNet Forge for an application. We make sure that our custom development adds value to your business proposition.

We offer following in custom application development for DotNet Forge:

  • Plugin development
  • Navigation pattern development
  • Application control development
  • Module development
  • Themes and templates development

We have developed applications like e-commerce solutions, intranets, extranets, online forums, etc using DotNet Forge. In these applications we have custom developed social networking features, media players, and search functionality. We have developed a well-structured process for storage and publishing of information from the database of these applications. We have developed DotNet Forge applications with an open and extendable architecture. Our applications can handle voluminous traffic and large scale data exchange without compromising on security. These applications can also operate in multiple environments with a centralized management system.

Some of the additional services that we offer for DotNet Forge applications are:

  • Integrating third party tools
  • Integrating the application with existing enterprise systems
  • Developing multiple language support
  • SEO support
  • Initial level training on how to manage DotNet Forge applications
  • Technical support & maintenance

We develop applications with DotNet Forge in such a way that they give you real-time view of business processes and reduce your time to market.

You can Contact Us to know more about DotNet Forge or developing applications with DotNet Forge.