Online Bidding Proposal Management System Development For Nigerian

The Customer Requirements

Corenet is a website for bidding proposals for Nigerian companies. The website provides a platform for Contract Submitters (which could be local government authorities, states, ministries and agencies) to submit RFPs (Request for Proposals) and Contractors to bid on the submitted RFPs. Contract Submitters add the RFPs with details related to budget, bidding start date and end dates, description and documents. Contractors respond to the RFPs by submitting their bids. Contract Submitters can search the bids to find the most competitive.


Contract Submitters (added by Admin of the site) submit the RFPs with title, bidding start date/end date, proposal brief and detailed description, budget, result date and RFP documents. They can also prefer to make the RFP as paid.

Contractors (signed up or added by Admin) can view full details of free RFPs or make payment for paid RFPs to view full details (short description and basic details are displayed).

Contractors can revise their bids multiple times and every time they save new version, they can save the older version in archive for later reference.

On or after bid closing date, Contract Submitters can search for contractors/bids and see details for selecting the right proposal that meets their requirements.


Contractor Management

Contractors can join in website by signing up or admin can add contractors. They can edit their details under their profile page or admin can delete them if required.

Contract Submitter Management

Admin can add Contract Submitters into the system. While the system creates them, it defines a sub domain for them, so that when users go to Contract Submitter Details Page or view contracts, it directs them to sub domain instead of viewing pages in the main website. This helps in improving user experience (by making it easy to remember URLs), higher rank in SEO for individual submitter and personalized experience.

It is possible to create Multiple Contract Submitter Manager for a Contract Submitter who manages contracts in website on behalf of contract submitters. They have separate login and there are pictures of contract submitters (who are usually employees of the contract submitters).

Site Management

Admin can manage some master entities of the project, for example Categories, which helps to tag RFPs and contractors to highlight their interest and expertise. The contractor gets information about the new contracts when admin adds an RFP with the category similar to a contractor. It also helps the submitter to identify contractors who have expertise in related projects.

Country Management helps to manage master list of countries, which is available for adding address details of contractors, employees and contract submitters.

Employee Management helps create/edit/delete and search employees who can later log in to the site and help admin manage the website. They can be employees of Corenet, which manages the website.

Proposal Management

Contractors can add proposals for RFPs submitted by Contract Submitters. Submitters may prefer to make their RFPs as paid so contractors need to make payment to view full RFP and submit proposal for it. InterSwitch payment gateway is used for payment of paid RFPs. Contractors can submit proposal with details such as approximate time of delivering the requirement, cost, brief/detailed description of the proposal and documents to give better idea about the proposal.

Choose Winner

Contract Submitters can search contractors and proposals submitted by them to find the best suitable proposal as the winner of the bid.