Real Estate Web Solution for Property Rental Business

Home Sweet Home!

Bringing Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate Property on Same Platform


In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we know how important it is to have a place we can call home. But is it always easy to find a home? No. Firstly, it is too damn difficult to find a place available on lease. Secondly, it is almost impossible to find a place that meets our requirements. The opportunity to design a solution that addressed this issue was not only invigorating but also satisfying for the Radix team.


The client was a forward thinking entity who envisioned a website that would serve as a real estate marketplace. Knowing how stressful it can be to find the right apartment that meets your needs, he requested an end-to-end online real estate solution that would connect the buyers to the sellers. Acting as a comprehensive database, the client aimed to make the buying or renting of apartment an easy and fun thing.


The client had done his homework and was well-prepared on what he wanted in the solution. He had a clear idea as to who his target audience was and how he wanted to serve this segment.

  • The client wanted a system where users could find apartments to buy or rent.
  • He wanted the said system to enable registered users to locate managers who had apartments for rent and were looking to lease out the same.
  • He wanted the system to allow managers to upload details of their property like general details, special features, price that they were expecting and also pictures of the property.
  • He wanted the system to include floor plans with images.
  • He also wanted complete admin control of the system. He wanted the ability to manage the property list, update the listings and mark favorites.
  • He wanted the solution to enable him to view recently visited properties.
  • He wanted the system to embed an advance search functionality which allowed a detailed search based on various criteria.
  • He also wanted his solution to enable the registered users to post their property on Craigslist classifieds with several HTML templates available.
  • The client also wanted a reminder calendar functionality that allowed him to post a particular property on a selected date on Craigslist.
  • He wanted the solution to carry a live chat support for users.

The Solution

Radix professionals undertook a microscopic study of the client’s business, his targeted segment and his requirements in the new solution. After much analysis and hard work, we delivered a solution that fit to a T.

  • We developed the website,, with two types of user categories:
  • Clients – Who needed an apartment on rent; and
  • Managers – Who had apartments for rent
  • The website allowed managers to add property with details pertaining to the property like general and additional details, images of the property, floor plans with images etc.
  • The website includes an ad poster functionality with several HTML templates that enable the managers to post their property on Craigslist classifieds.
  • The website has a separate interface that allows the manager to select a template that he wishes to send and embed a URL in it to post his property on Craigslist.
  • The website also includes a manage calendar functionality that allows the manager to set a reminder on which date he intends to post a particular property on Craigslist. He receives an alert via email on the selected date reminding him of the intended posting.
  • An administrative section provided in the website allows the client to exercise total control over the various modules on the site.
  • There is an advance search functionality included in the website which allows users to search for apartments based on city, state, apartment home features as well as pet policy.
  • A live chat interface is another feature that has been added to allow registered users to ask for help or advice if needed.
  • We defined access controls on each web page to allow only authorized registered users to access the listings.

A Gratifying Outcome

What we were able to accomplish was quite exhilarating for the client as well as for us. We ultimately delivered a powerful rental search engine that also allowed postings on Craigslist classifieds. Easy procedures were established to contact the property sellers or agents regarding classified for the interested party. Administrative functionality awarded control over contents on webpage leading to improved search engine optimization.