Online customized product selling and tracking application with e-commerce

The client

The client is the leading supplier of Thermal management product in the USA for more than 25 years and provides creative solutions based on thermal reflective technology. The client wanted to have stronger their business by online thermal reflective product selling and taking online customized orders from their customers with online payment by keeping their customers updated with the online information for orders until the orders delivered. Basically order tracking utility is to be offered to the site customers. Client wanted to manage the site with the CMS to promote the various related services or offers product news on his own from time to time.


Some of the features expected in the site were:

  • Rich presentation, smoother site navigation, wider browser compatibility with w3c validation.
  • Content Management System.
  • News presentation, Testimonial presentation, FAQ presentation.
  • Classification of products to offer to sell with their own rate plans.
  • Set taxes to apply on different states for the sale of product.
  • Online configuration of product for printing, by allowing customers to upload their print files thus taking from them the files to be used in printed and a flexible way.
  • Shopping cart with online payment.
  • Online order placing and order tracking.
  • Customer login based account to check the status of their order.
  • Admin users with different access level.

Some of the features were expected as Site Administrator

  • Content management of each webpage with great flexibility to control the webpage content.
  • News management, Testimonial management and FAQ management.
  • Set up the different rate plan structure applicable to different available category of product.
  • Set up product in available category for customers to place its order.
  • Orders reviewing and transferring the order into different phases from production to delivery.
  • Tracking of order status and putting the shipping charges for each order individually.
  • Searching order and the amount of payments received.
  • Searching the registered customers.
  • Setting the tax for state in order to get applied to the order to be shipped into different states.
  • Administrative privileges based on different rights to access the administrative area of the site.

The Solution

We developed entire solution based on CMS. This system has the full control on the type of content like single columnar content or dual columnar content menu with flexibility of ordering of menu and submenu under it. Page heading images for each different page, banners and on each page with dynamic CSS can change the look of color and presentation of each page. The option of changing the content on any part of the webpage is like middle portion and right potion of the webpage. The component of the content is to be reused to get displayed on more than one webpage.

Customers can find the list of products into the available and choose the product or configure the product to purchase. The complete experience of choosing or configuration of product is to order in very much user friendly wizard type with the navigational steps along with shopping cart functionality. The orders can be allowed to get submitted only after the user registration process. If customer customizes the product to order by applying the available configurations then the online pdf proof can be demonstrated and order can be placed with online payment. The status of each placed order can be availed to the customers from their registered account on the site.

Detail back office management includes Content management for each webpage set up, Product set up, rate plan set up for product, Order management, applying additional payment for the order, applying shipping cost for each order, setting up the tax for each state of the USA in order to get applicable for the related order to ship which is set part by part the shipment of the entire order, track or manage payment for each order, search orders, search among due and received payments, news management, testimonial management.

The result

Our work has turned out an outstanding result at the end. Customer can get the idea of the rate plan based on the configuration they apply or the product they choose, as each product has different rate structure based on which product category it falls. Full project was commenced starting from requirement analysis till the site went live and back office functionality was developed offshore at our premises in India.

Major Achievement

  • User friendly design & presentation challenges on each webpage managed by CMS.
  • Browser Compatibility with Firefox, Internet explorer and w3c validated.
  • Customized configurable product builder with ability of setting up different rate plan for different product based on their classification.
  • Customized order placing for printing by placing online preferences to print, uploading of large print files to be used in printing and generate the pdf proof for the print design.
  • Image conversion utility to convert the heavy print files into the lighter files to give online pdf preview/proof of the printing Odder.
  • Online payment and order tracking.
  • Administrator rights defined with different access level.